Mary McPhee- Day 2 Aquarelle Points East Plein Air Festival 2018

 It was going to one of those days. I packed the car with all the art equipment to drive to Souris, PEI; the car wouldn’t start. The keys were inside the cottage. Unfortunately the door had locked behind me. My cell was in the car, but my spare key was an hour’s drive away. Arriving 2 hours late, the place I wanted to paint was covered with artists.

J’avais le goût de faire une aquarelle avec le thème d’église ou de cimetière. En auto, j’ai fait le tour de Souris pour arrêter à l’église de St Mary. Haut-placée, ça m’offrait une belle vue, un petit vent frais et aucune moustique.

For a hot and humid day, St Mary’s cemetery was ideal, having some clouds, a breeze and no mosquitoes. I set up beside the tomb-stone of MaryMcPhee, who died on April 18, 1899 at age 35. Was it a tragedy, an illness? No other names were noted. If she spent a solitary life, she now was surrounded with other graves and a view!

Je me prépare à dessiner avant de peindre et, hélas, ma palette d’aquarelles est au chalet! Quelle journée!

Imagine going out to paint, and discovering you left your palette in the freezer to harden overnight! Fortunately, my friend, Ann came upon me in her travels and pulled a spare palette from her car-what luck!

Le début de la journée était frustrant, mais j’etais enfin dans mes aquarelles. L’enfroit  portait à la détente. Pour ce festival de plein air, nous pouvons soumettre 4 tableaux au jury. Voici celui que j’ai fait près de M. McPhee cette deuxième journée du festival.

I will call my watercolour Mary McPhee. She rests on a hilltop overlooking rolling fields and an impressive church. It is a reminder of what can await those who toil and die young.

Veuillez visiter mon site-web pour les détails sur cet œuvre. Please consult my web site for further information on this watercolour at FASO, (Fine Art Studio Online):

This is the fifth annual Points East Plein Air Festival. The Awards Ceremony and Sneak Preview are Saturday July 7 , 6:30-9 pm at Kings Playhouse in Georgetown, PEI. All are also welcome to attend the Silent Art Auction on Sunday July 8, 11 am-5 pm. Bidding 3-5pm. Fifty – two artists painting for four days are creating  lots of beautiful pieces! On vous attend samedi soir et  dimanche à Georgetown.



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