The ebb and flow of nature serve to set our biological clocks. The easily observed trail of Canada geese can be read semi-annually but with different emotions. In October, this photo captured some of the many trails of birds in formation, crossing us on our path West. They were heading South- a sure sign of the end of a glorious summer. The emotions were nostalgic and sad, perhaps tinged with foreboding of frigid Winter. Equally my pilgrimage from East to West (PEI to Québec) signaled the time to reset the backdrop and to pick up urban life. The emotions were pretty similar to seeing the birds on their journey. How much more do we lose with the departure of song birds, the sound of the sea, and the warmth of days and friends we love?

Le retour des oiseaux, les changements dans nos plats-bands et les arbres  indiquent que le printemps s’en vient et le radouci. Oui, éventuellement, même l’hiver 2018 va prendre fin. Les émotions peuvent inclure la joie , l’excitation, l’anticipation.  Accompangant le rhytme des saisons, on retrouvent possiblement un changement d’enérgie et d’êtat émotionnelle. Finalement on va sortir de nos demeures avec des projets. On sera activé en voyant la construction des nids, la naissance de jeunes animaux. C’est comme une migration de l’âme.  Et à l’automne, fort probablement, cette migration va s’inverser. A-t-on décidé vivre le va et vient sans introspection? Va-t-on donner notre propre direction à ces migrations? Est le temps pour une révolution personnelle?

As Spring dawns, the mystery of renewal, new life and energy occupy our thoughts- perhaps unconsciously. If we take some time to pause, perhaps we can ask how  our old belief systems and explanations (of how things work, of who we are, of where we are headed ) have evolved.  Time for a tweak? Reflection on serious matters can be enhanced by observing patterns of migration. Though they may be predictable in course and destination, not all migrants can access the same routes. Strict repetition and action without question  do not  always guarantee a successful migration! Perhaps it is time to resurrect some critical introspection as our winged friends return. Perhaps a day that is not like all the others of the year facilitates this. Hope we all use our Good Friday effectively!


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