New / du Nouveau

Yes it has been 3 months without a blog. Computer glitches, sickness and the burgeoning of a new relationship contributed. February has arrived after the spectacular and rare full moon. The lengthening days and somewhat warmer winds are a tease, inviting me to PEI… Being retired, I have decided to accept!

L’hiver encourage les voyages. Mes amis sont partis vers le sud, mais mon coeur me tire à mon paradis dans l’est. Avant de quitter, aujourd’hui on a eu un cours de peinture qui nous poussait vers des chemins inconnus utilisant des techniques peu prévisibles.

Yes attempting to controlling my artistic output is a habit. Using saran wrap on the watery mix of colours removes some predictability. I think I have ended up with 2 paintings that are very out of character for me; an abstract and a semi-sur-realistic. The instructor said she wanted us to embrace our mistakes… well here they are.
Après ce cours penible, je suis encore plus prête pour mon cours séjour à l’Ile Prince Édouard. Mes jours seront remplis d’amis, de parenté et de nature.

Imagining the smell of the sea, it is time to pack!
Oh, I will be back for St Patrick’s Art Show on April. See you then!


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