No Matter How You Angle It

r from a few angles, together.
November with its dreariness ironically comes with a side order of active politics. No need to mention last year’s contest in the US, but I just did! But on a more local level, things are moving in my two home locales. This weekend Montreal’s city’s political landscape may change. IN PEI the provincial NDP is having its annual convention. Perhaps the lesson of 2016 was that each vote counts, that all citizens have a contribution to make-and an obligation to be informed and involved. Perhaps it is time to attend a town hall meeting on Nov. 9th to meet with my MP.
Socially there are options to brighten the November landscape.In PEI there are several musical events this weekend including a concert at Holland College with a Remembrance day theme. Here in Montreal there is a tribute concert in memory of Leonard Cohen on Monday. Getting out and making music can dissipate the blues.
How else can we look at November in a positive light, giving it a spin on a positive stretch of road? How about doing something for others? This is the month for mustache growing. It can be wardrobe purging time, planning for snow and visiting Renaissance or Goodwill stores.
November is the month that many friends celebrate birthdays. I can’t be with each of them as we are separated by distance. Cards, Facebook wishes and phone calls help bridge the gap. It helps to buoy the spirit to reconnect. For my Mom who died 3 years ago, a silent greeting on her birthday will have to travel to where she may be. Her gentleness and devotion live on in my memories. Turning inward and expressing gratitude help steer the psyche away from pitfalls.

Well, snow tires installed…time to leave Mersons’ for another season of driving. Do you take any other angles to navigate this eleventh month of the year? Let me know.


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