Light/ Lux/Lumière

The longest day of the year heralds the beginning of the season of vacation and slowing down. It is also a time for going to new spots that may hold hidden dangers. The light house was the guide to welcome boats home, and was an especially welcome sign in bad seas.

Cette aquarelle combine un phare ( un imagé que j’adore), la mer, et un coucher de soleil. L’image va peut-être servir comme modèle pour une classe de débutantes en aquarelle, que je vais donner en juillet au marché de Cardigan.

Several people are asking for another  ‘ Water and W(h)ine’ class with me at Cardigan’s Farmers’ Market. They want to do another light house,  so time for me to prepare. I will chose a new lighthouse and integrate a few more notions.. What do you think of this as a model?

More information and sketches to follow. Les dates seront à définir pour le cours. In the meantime, enjoy the long days of summer, but keep safe!


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