A two day painters retreat with Poppy Balser at Annapolis Basin Conference Center (ABCC) in Cornwallis, near Digby NS was where I spoiled myself this Mother’s Day weekend. Artistic stimulation occurred in stunning surroundings near the bay of Fundy in a venue with terrific food and service. So many words could be used. Double comes to mind because it is a multiple. There were  multiple insights and one left with more that anticipated.

Le  besoin de s’améliorer est satisfait par l’accès à des modèles ou des cours. Les deux étaient présents lundi et mardi. Le prof, Poppy Balser, une aquarelliste exceptionnelle s’est retrouvée avec 12 élèves enthousiastes. Je suis arrivée avec 2 objectifs…les deux étaient réalisés (peindre avec plus de contrasts et apprendre à mieux capter la mer). Mais l’impact sur mes aquarelles sera à suivre cet été. Les aspects non-planifiées du séjour étaient  la détente après le travail intense de chaque jour et le plaisir de rencontres d’ âme-sœurs.

In addition to attaining objectives while enjoying meeting new artists, the drive back held 2 surprises. We were treated to a sky filled with rapidly changing cloud formations tindged with colourful variety. We found the colours sseemed more vivid after two days concentrating on mixing colours! Three hours into the drive, a rainbow appeared that gradually grew to arc in a semi-circle with clearly demarked stripes. Two other aspects merit menitioning. The full rainbow was visible for at least 30 minutes. But astonishingly it was a full DOUBLE rainbow! Pictures taken in a moving car in the rain hardly do justice …  the picture invites you to imagine the entire image we saw. Double it and then again. After all, doubling was the theme of this blog and of my Mother’s Day treat.

Check out Poppy Balser’s website for more!


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