It is Coming!/Bientôt l’expo!

The 300 following words contain history and an invitation, please read to the end…

Imagine setting up a retirement project and living to see it endure 30 years! My dad, Tony Shorgan, and two of his artists friends (Jack McDonough and Gilbert Prévost) initially with the help of a Canadian federal grant, launched a watercolour group for seniors, living predominantly in Côté St Luc, Qc.
Le but était de partager leur amour de l’aquarelle et de développer les talents artistiques des gens avec ou sans le moindre d’expérience. De ces trois, le goût d’aquarelle s’est répandu à plusieurs. Cette année nous sommes 14 artistes qui se réunissent aux semaines pour nourir notre passion. Mais, depuis 30 ans, combien se sont enrichi? 40-50 ou plus? Je n’en sait rien.
Our three founding fathers nourished many hidden gifts. Many who had never painted before in their lives were provided with instruction and support. These and others with previous experience spent their Tuesdays exploring different techniques and subjects. The cap of the year was the annual show and sale of their works. You can imagine how uplifting it is to receive the feedback of the public!
Notre vernissage aura lieu le 23 avril cette année au carré St Patrick, 6767 Cote St Luc de 13h à 16h30. Allez-vous pouvoir venir nous encourager encore cette année?
We cordially invite you to drop in to view this year’s show on Sunday afternoon, April 23, 1-4:30, 6767 Cote St Luc. Our ongoing artistic development is supported by the generosity of the City of Cote St Luc, St Patrick’s Square and friends like you who chose to buy our work.
Vivre sa retraite en apprenant et en développant ses talents est une façon agréable de se garder en forme mentale. Les liens d’amitié qui nous réunissent maintient la santé émotionnelle!

The photo contains all the information, including the names of this year’s line-up of artists. The featured photo was painted by John Cotnam. If you can’t see it, please go to


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