A Country Walk/ Marchons

It was March 9th and time to escape the city. Thanks to my sister, we shared a lunch in her cottage and two long walks in the fresh air. Clouds dominated but there were occasional sunbursts. The road was covered in new snow. The trees were spectacular and diverse. Their colour has started to pale from the darkness of winter green.(More sun would have made it obvious in the photo)
Se promener à la campagne en observant la nature se fait mieux à deux. Les traits dans la neige indiquent, au premier abord, deux tracés. Mais ayant fait ces marques, ce sont les petits pas au centre et de côté qui sont les nôtres. Comme nous sommes minuscules comparées au pin énorme et à la nature si vaste.
Our path was dwarfed by majestic trees still tucked into their blankets of snow. It was a scene that evoked awe for the majesty of nature and of the Eternal. The visit revitalized and energized us, while being a precious moment of sisterhood.
Avez-vous eu le temps de profiter de l’hiver? Ce n’est pas trop tard!


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