4 more years…déjà 4 ans

Thanks WordPress for letting me know that I have been blogging on this site for 4 years! It began as an exercice to maintain bilingual fluency and to highlight my watercolours. Thanks to my faithful readers and to those who stumble upon my blog. Over almost 50 months, I have faithfully , if somewhat sporadically, added to the collection. Accessing the history is as simple as going to launchings5.wordpress.com.
C’est inouï comment le temps passe vite. Même à la retraite on évolue. Mes sujets de discussion sont élargis et je pense que mes aquarelles s’améliorent! Plusieurs sont inquiets de notre avenir pendant les 4 prochaines années. Je ne suis pas indifférent. Je préfère ne pas ajouter aux commentaires afin de ne pas contribuer à l’espace donné à´Atout’.
The chant of four more years still rings in my ears. I am not indifferent to US affairs, but have decided not to contribute to the prominence of ‘Atout’. In the next four years, who can imagine the changes? I will attempt to be true to my previously stated goals, but perhaps life will take a turn. In he meantime,I am happy to feature my business card if you haven’t come across it these last 6 years. I am so pleased with this forum which serves to market my art and ideas.
Des projets, j’en ai plusieurs. Des vernissages au Centre d’art de Montréal (25 mars) , le vernissage annuel du club St Patrick (23 avril), la vente au marché de Cardigan cet été et le vernissage d’un mois à la bibliothèque de Stratford à l’île du prince Édouard.
I will have several shows to write about in the next months. But as a heads up: I have been chosen for The 4 Artist Open Art Show at the Montreal Art Centre, 1455 William St. Montreal on Saturday, March 25, 5:00- 9:00pm. I would be so happy to meet you there!


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