Thanks Caroline for the gift of Divine Sleep Nidra. It was a learning experience. It was a delightful way to end a week. It was a most relaxing experience. Banished are the February blues!
Je ne suis pas très ferrée en yoga. Le Nidra est une expérience que je n’avais jamais essayée. Quelle belle stratégie pour survivre ce février 2017. Savez-vous c’est quoi? Essentiellement, c’est une relaxation dirigée. Le résultat est une détente profonde qui induit un sommeil profond.
Yoga on the Park features this Friday evening treat. We began by imagining a safe spot, a personal sanctuary. This photo immediately came to mind; yes, my PEI garden and view of the sea. Then the instructor took us through tensing and relaxing all areas of the body. It was a slow soothing process, finishing with a series of stretches. I felt great and carried the deep relaxation home to a deep, refreshing sleep. A true get-away, without taking a trip, was really a marvelous change of pace for February! And come Wednesday, it will be March!


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