Spring Stream/ Les Eaux du Printemps

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Au 12 février, cette belle tempête de neige de 20-25cm commence à faire trop de blanc. De pouvoir créer un environnement différent est un atout de l’art. En effet c’est un avantage de pouvoir peindre une saison différente dans un lieu différent.
Today’s watercolour, that I call ‘Spring Stream’ has transported me away from the snow and wind of Montreal. I started with 2 photographs and then invented the complete scene. To calm my whiteout conditions, I used a lot of different greens. But also, I wanted to see running water.
Au printemps, nos ruisseaux sont très volumineux. Pour une raison que j’ignore, j’ai décidé de mettre une cascade. L’eau coule vers nous. Mais en même temps, la forêt nous attire. Quels choix de regard.
Calmly the forest’s depths attract our consideration. Ah, the peace, the isolation and the scent of nature! And yet, the waterfall exists in sharp contrast in this watercolour. Remember the scene is fictional, invented by the artist. Had it not been included, one could say the waterway was drawing us into the woods. Alas, not so. The sudden, unpredicted drop-off with the turbulent eddies and strong current pull us along to a destination not of our choosing.
Sans trop faire d’analyse de ma création, on peut se demander quels sont les évènements actuels, surtout politique, qui nous déstabilisent au point de perde contrôle et de risquer de se retrouver à un endroit non-choisit.
If we are being carried along by strong elements beyond our control, we may find ourselves pulled under water or over a rocky ledge. There are some useful obstacles in this composition, mainly hard rocks. Intentionally, not a waterside branch is available to rescue ourselves. This journey is too rapid in the gushing of a spring steam that is augmented by the melted snow. There is true danger. We may be merely on one of the banks basking in the spring sun. But we may lose our footing with the noise and turbulence of the water.
On entend parler, oui peut-être trop parler, de tout ce qui se passe avec le changement de pouvoir américain. Avant on aura pu regarder de loin, mais en 2017 nous sommes engagés et touchés comme jamais auparavant. Il y a des obstacles pour nous et des courants dangereux. Il y a des pièges même pour nous. Passant aux douanes, nous créances seront examinés et nos interfaces internet étudiées. Ça pourrait être dangereux.
From the gentle serenity of nature, we can be plunged in a challenging position, should we chose to travel south. It is a foreign reality. If we are caught in a borderline border experience, few lifelines will be offered. We probably need to be proactive and avoid expressing ourselves too overtly on the Internet. (That would be the boulders in the watercolour.) Or should we? Should we modify our behaviour out of fear? Perhaps jumping in and running the waves and waterfall to pop up on the far side is the better choice. To live free, to express our opinions and to defend those who are threatened by drowning, persecution, and imprisonment is our responsibility this spring.
Paix/ Peace/ Shalom


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