Parlons/Let’s Talk

Je ne pretends pas avoir des connaissances poussées en santé mentale. Cette semaine est extraordinaire, un temps d’événements hors de la normale. Dans un cadre de peur, de colère et de incrédule, il me semble que c’est très approprié de parler de la santé mentale aujourd’hui.

There is much being said today during Bell’s Let’s Talk day. What I wish to add is how important being grounded in nature is to me. I could have chosen a sunset or a beautiful flower, but instead I chose to paint a scene of cows leaving the barn. Our farms and farm families are treasures. We rely on them for nourishment but also for respite from the craziness of technology and politics. In addition to all they bring, I added a water source as a reminder of the importance of this resource. The painting is life-affirming. The cows seem distracted by our presence…..”What are you looking at?” “Where will that wall be?” “Are those new people moving in next door?’ ‘What are you doing in our barnyard?” Or they are merely moving about on their way to some hospitable piece of land?

Ces pauvres vaches semblent nous regarder pour connaître ce qu’on fait là, pour comprendre notre histoire un peu. Il y a une interdependence et une communication entre nous. Aujourd’hui, c’est une journée pour jaser sans honte, sans crainte, dans le respect et l’amour… profitez-y en, jaser
ça fait du bien!

Out for a Stroll/Dehors
Arches cp 140lb


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