Sometimes while cleaning the palette after a day of serious watercolour, using up the remaining colours can result in a free, unplanned creation. This urban jungle emerged after a day painting mountains. Given my challenge with perspective, it is amazing how things can work out with no forethought!

La perspective peut être assez bonne pour pouvoir intrepeter l’image, sans essayer. Ce soir je me trouve dans le dilemme d’essayer d’examiner les perspectives possible pour arriver à trouver de l’espoir dans le dénouement politique aux E U. Une façon est de considérer que l’inauguration du Président Obama n’avait pas plu à tous. Non, demain sera différent et unique. Je crois que c’est plus qu’une question de opinion partisan.

Points of view vary and perspectives can be distorted by facts and fancy. This small  watercolour was unplanned and not sketched in advance. It sounds a bit like the incoming president’s agenda. Amid the shapes and colours emerges a picture. Perhaps this presidency lacks forethought, but perhaps it may have shape and substance, at least when viewed by the perspective of the minority which elected this new American head of state.


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