Family & Friends/Le Temps des amis

I don’t do Boxing Day Sales. I don’t like shopping. But I love this season of reconnecting with friends and family. So many surprise and happy moments turn up. So many opportunities for reaching out. How many ways can we do it? We go way beyond the phone now with the internet, SKYPE and FaceTime, etc. But remember, I am the touchy/ touchy -feely/feely one. How I love the season to be with family members and friends from away! A simple walk or a shared meal allow many senses to interact…hearing the voices , smelling the turkey, seeing the icicle formations on rocks, watching the antics of a young grandniece. feeling the kinesthetic pleasure of walking on crunchy snow and the warmth of a fire while listening to the chatter of opinions, jokes,songs and laughter.

Oui ce temps des amis est agréable, mais pas pour tous. Le décès de gens proches laisse une chaise vide à la table. L’absence des jeunes qui ne sont pas en mesure de voyager par manque de temps ou argent brûle un trou dans nos coeurs. Parfois le froid d’hiver n’est pas le seule qui nous sépare, le froid de chicanes, de maladie, d’emprisonnement viennent couper des liens et ne se réchauffent pas avec un feu de foyer. Avec toute cette joie des temps des fêtes, la gratitude pour les biens et les gens dans ma famille est importante. Je sais que d’autres sont moins chanceuses/chanceux.

There are such high expectations for this time of year. Gratitude for what I have keeps things in perspective. We have the freedom to work on our relationships, mend any breaches in the fences and chose to take the high road. Because my wish for us all this year is PEACE, I am trying to be that agent of peace, within myself and in my family and all my groups of friends. Imagine how transformative PAX can be in 2017, if we do our part.

This original watercolour is now in private hands but I feature it today because it speaks volumes to me about relationships, simple and intense!


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