OK, I admit I am a touchy/touchy/ feely/feely person. It served me well as a physiotherapist, especially with the spontaneity required for working with children. Santa came to the St Patrick’s art group today with his huge bag of goodies. A hug to Santa today was my thank you for a gift and an acknowledgement of friendship. But beyond these the hug served to fill up my store of positive fuzzies.

Le touché est la base de communication . Les câlins servent à rapprocher les gens, et ajoutent des éléments positifs à notre vécu. Souvent de nos jours, on semble avoir peur de trop approcher les gens. La distance qu’on met peut servir à éviter des malentendus ou pire, mais pour moi le touché est essentiel.

Given my love of hugs, I have several friends who go out of their way to give me one whenever we meet. I appreciate this. It makes me wonder about people who are not in a situation to be hugged-perhaps they live alone, far from others or even more tragically, perhaps they live in a nursing home surrounded by people. In both cases physical interactions are few and far between. What happens when a person lacks touch. Do they shrivel up and distance themselves further? Does part of their soul die?

Doit-on penser que la personne de 80 ans + n’a plus besoin d’affection? Certes ça ne sera jamais mon cas. Merci père Noël pour mon cadeau et pour le câlin aujourd’hui!


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