December Villans Tea /le début de la saison des rencontres

The last month of 2016 has begun- none too soon. For many, this year has been a challenging one, perhaps even a deeply disturbing one. But this month has always been magical for me. Not just the first snow, the first skate, the end of classes, my birthday nor the beginning of holiday season, but a special time when people turn outward to others.

Que ça soit dans les parties de travail ou de famille, c’est la saison pour se retrouver parmi des gens qui nous sont chers. C’est l’occasion d’utiliser nos voix, pas seulement  pour discûter de la politique ou de l’économie, mais pour chanter ensemble des cantiques anciennes de Noël. C’est un temps de traditions culinaires,  et tenues chics.

There are so many demands on our time. We scurry to purchases gifts and outfits, to visit and be seen at all the big parties. But it is a time for tradition and remembering why we do it all. This afternoon the ’69 grads of Villa Maria will be gathering for an Advent tea at my place. It is hard to believe we began high school together 50 years ago! We will have so much to share- stories and food. Hopefully all will leave with warm memories, acknowledging that there is still light and hope in this time awaiting Christmas  and grateful that we have the privilege of living another December on Mother Earth.

Notre gratitude peut se manifester dans plusieurs formes. D’être consciente de tout ce que j’ai, incluant les gens dans ma vie et ma santé, de ne jamais prendre pour acquis ma liberté, de défendre les droits de toutes et tous, de protéger la planète comme je le peut – ce sont les choses qui viennent rapidement à ma tête . Je crois c’est aussi un temps pour partager nos biens, nos sous et notre temps. Combien y a-t-il de personnes démunis qu’on voit à chaque jour? Décembre pourra être le mois de dons , soit de nourriture ou de sourire.

But no need to preach, as we have all heard of the pressing needs. Now is a rather good time to hand out that warm sweater, cook that warm meal, visit a shut- in. I am trying to do that. But I will also enjoy my get-togethers with my family and friends. One does not exclude the other! and now for the Villans tea.Wow, 50 years since we first sang together in the streets of NDG for the Christmas poor baskets! Where has the time gone?


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