It is a night for records to be broken. A long standing period of dryness will be cut tonight for one of the teams.
It is a month to end the pervasive political confrontation in the States.
It is a month for records. There will be a supermoon in mid-November, with the moon closer to the earth than it will be for another 30 years.

Oui le mois de novembre va nous présenter des changements et de nouveaux records.
Les joueurs de baseball et Mme Clinton et M Trump sont tous des gens peu ordinaires, avec les poches pleines de sous. La poursuite de records et de la puissance sont leurs affaires, mais aussi les nôtres.

Obviously fans care who wins. But in the long run it will just the end of a very long time with no trophy. They did have achievements other years but this is something special. Gaining the White House is quite the trophy. Hopefully the new president will invest effort and time for all Americans once ensconced.

Mais la lune est vu de tous, les sportifs, le 1%, les pauvres. C’est le record qui va nous toucher tous.

Yes it is the Super Moon that will impact all both citizens of planet Earth and all of nature. Rather interesting that there has been no build up on TV, no special ads, no Hype, No relentless debates. Way to go Moon…


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