Blur / Flou

This fall has had record heat, severe storms and endless construction, everywhere. It ought to be clear. I ought to remember. But I don’t. These past weeks have been a blur. Distraction seems to be a constant. There has been a perpetual mist dampening my enthusiasm. There has been a fog of innuendo, lies and accusations. It is spilling over from the presidential race into everyday life.
En effet, il me semble que des personnes bien instruites ont commencé à utiliser un discours impoli. Les gens s’acharnent sur des points peu importants et envoyant des courriels aggressives, sans penser aux conséquences. Sur les routes il y a un manque de respect pour tous ainsi que pour les règlements. Je vais nommer le phénomène ‘Trump’. Ce n’est pas un atout de suivre son exemple.
I have been having trouble sitting down to paint. The serenity of the summer seems to have quickly slipped away. Today I saw a beautiful photo that my cousin Nancy posted on line. I immediately wanted to paint it. This is ‘Hunter Moon Foliage’. It is purposely discrete and calm with the illusion of a gentle rain. I hope this image will serve to counter the hostility we will no doubt witness on Wednesday, should we continue to watch the next episode in the Great American Demise.


4 thoughts on “Blur / Flou

  1. Carol-Anne

    I am having the same trouble. I have been watching the American Demise since the conventions and now this constant Trump nonsense disturbs me greatly. I say “Justin build a wall” !!

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