October 2 is the feast of Guardian Angels. You may not be cued in to that. This blog doesn’t require it. I think many people have a concept of guardian angels. In common practice, people often refer to angels looking over them. Having a shadow or a protector makes living easier and less alone. If one is attentive, a message can be delivered, right at the door of one’s heart and not at a community box!
Le concept d’anges gardiens peut nous offrir un certain confort. La vie est plus sure avec une présence qui est là pour nous aider et protéger. La chose remarquable, à mon avis, est que cette aide individualisée n’a pas besoin de notre approbation ni de notre conscient.
While many may be doubters, angels are a happy construct in my mind. Having a sentient being cheering for me in all moments, be I conscious of it or not, facilitates my life. I tend to imagine my personal angel as a former race car driver. Yes, I tend to drive quickly, and I have had a few seriously close calls. The only explanation I chose to give, is that my racy angel intervened.
Certains connaissent leur ange gardien par nom. Ils ont établi une relation très proche. D’autres n’en ont aucune idée. Vivre sans croyances est un choix. Connaître la mythologie religieuse peut-être un ajout enrichissant. Pour celles et ceux qui ont un système de foi qui inclut les anges, on peut prendre le temps de les remercier ce soir pour leur aide.
Whether this is a foreign to you or whether you are conscious of angels gracing your days, today remains their feast day. I thank mine for helping me steer along life’s journey, especially in the moments that I am the farthest off the track.



  1. Carol-Anne

    October is full of special feast days. You are so right when you say that your angels are there cheering you and protecting you. I never drive without saying the pray to the Guardian
    Angel and I know at times that she is working over time!!

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