Harvest Moon

Those who know me, know my fascination with the moon and its phases. This blog could be a no-brainer, but probably boring, exposé of over-used ideas.
Instead let us look at these words separately and using definitions other than the first listed in dictionaries. Both can be used as verbs. How relevant can the expression be to current events!
Moon as a verb was used as: “idle about” (1836), “move listlessly” (1848). It is interesting that 1848 distinguished itself in Europe by revolutions. Obviously not all were mooning those days!
To harvest can be to accumulate a store (of goods or crops etc.) or to win by achievement. Winning as an achievement or as an outcome is a prominent concern this fall. We would be ignoring the media and the discussion of those around us not to admit that the US election has been foremost in our thoughts and concerns.
What is needed is NOT a harvest moon. Rather, we urge those with a vote to exercise it, not to move listlessly and without knowledge. We hope that America will harvest a democratic decision achieved with fairness and truth.
Before the election, we will have the Hunter’s Moon or Dead Grass Moon also called the Travel Moon in October. Let us hope it will spur people to travel to get out to vote. The election in November will be in the First Quarter of the November moon, The Beaver Moon or the First Frost Moon. I wonder how many will be heading to the land of the Beaver during the first frost?
Ce soir, je présente un jeu de mots en anglais pour illustrer avec les noms des pleines lunes comment on peut les faire parler des élections aux EU. Convaincue qu’une démocratie doit se fier sur la participation active et informée des citoyens, espérons que la Pleine Lune des Déplacements va encourager nos amis au sud d’aller voter au lieu d’avoir à migrer vers le nord à la recherche des castors!


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