5 Years / Déjà 5 ans

I graduated 5 years ago….from remunerated employment! This blog has been my forum exploring how retirement has impacted on me, on my definition of myself and how I use my time. You have seen some of my watercolours and been subjected to my opinions on a variety of subjects. Thank you for being along for the ride.

La transition à la retraite prenait du travail. Après 5 ans, les lundis ne représentent plus un retour au boulot, les vendredis ne sont plus des longues journées de clinique. Je n’aurais jamais pu imaginer ma vie en 2016, mais j’aime mon nouveau train-train.

Today begins my 5 month stay by the sea. Being bilocational has so many up-sides but of course, disadvantages. Five years ago I didn’t have a country home, nor even the land in PEI.Five years ago, I had just toyed with art and had never sold a piece. Five years ago, I had two aged parents living independently in their own apartment. (My dad now lives alone in a nursing home, following Mom’s death) Five years ago my son had just fledged. Now he is married to a wonderful woman and is about to open his third school of martial arts. And, he holds the championship belt for light/heavyweight kick boxing Muay Thai in Quebec and is heading for the North American competition.

Beaucoup a changé depuis les 5 dernières annéés. J’ai trouvé plein de nouvelles façons de m’impliquer dans mes 2 communautés. Je tente de me garder en forme. Mon groupe d’ami(e)s grandit à vue d’oeil. Oui, le budget est plus serré, mais je n’ai jamais regretté d’avoir quitté le travail hâtivement pour me lancer dans cette nouvelle étape de ma vie.

Retirement brings odd problems: not knowing the day of the week, trying to manage  free time, establishing a dress code, forgetting what rush hour traffic was. It is not always perfect, all the time.  I chose to discard the negative and minimize the stress in my life. Looking back is self -affirming and curiosity about 2021 exists, but now, today, is the only day I control. When tucking into my PEI bed tonight, I will be thankful for the safe, 15 hour ride and all who have helped me grow these past 5 years.

Comme nous sommes chanceuses celles qui peuvent s’offrir une retraite précoce! Combien de temps allez-vous remettre la décision?







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