Earth Day/ Journée de la Terre

As a child , every day was earth day. Playing in the mud drove moms crazy, but only because of the mess. We were free to get on our knees and dig for worms or make ‘giant’ holes to reach the other side of the world. We knew a freedom to play and imagine, that we have stripped from our children and grandchildren.

L’exploration non supervisée a sûrement fait accroître notre imagination et notre capacité d’assumer des risques. D’avoir la chance d’interagir avec la nature pendant les 4 saisons, nous a enseigné plein de choses importantes, incluant le respect des animaux et les plantes, leur environnement , leur besoin d’eau et du soleil.

Sadly, we all abused of the good things of the planet. We have become a people suspicious of our neighbours and unwilling to downsize to live within our means but especially the means of Earth. Among the saddest sights are the monstrosities built on entire lots where once modest homes sheltered families, and gardens and trees. Only 2-3 generations before (in the 1940’s) these were still operational farms.

Cette aquarelle, qu’on ne voit qu’en partie, nous montre la maison du fermier et ses champs. L’érable  va lui donner la première récolte du printemps. Chaque chose a sa saison. La vie peut suivre le tempo des saisons , sans imposer nos besoins sur la nature.

In its entirety  this watercolour shows the maple sap buckets  along  the farmer’s fields. It is a seasonal crop, to be processed and stored for use late in the year. The quantity and quality of the sap is outside of human controls. similarly, there  is no point to force asparagus in January to grow outside employing fossil fuel energy. Everything has a season and a place and a role in Nature. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if humans could learn their time and place and role! What have you done today to educate yourself and contribute to a healthy Planet Earth?

´Maple Harvest’  ´Première Récolte du Printemps’

12×18 approx, Arches 130lb cp


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