Aquarelles Encore/ 6 Days Left!

The 29th annual Watercolour Show and Sale  of The St Patrick’s Art Group was a rewarding success Sunday! Thanks for your interest. There is still this week to see our display at the Cote St Luc Library. We have 34 watercolours in the Art section. Leave a note in our visitors’ book or contact us to buy your original piece of art painted by a local senior!

Quel mois fatiguant! Notre grande journée hier à vue une foule au vernissage. Nous avons eu des ventes ( plus de 15%). Il ne vous reste que six jours pour voir l’exhibition à la bibliothèque de Côté St Luc. Il y a une grande variété  de sujets et approaches. Les artistes sont âgés de 60-92 ans. Ce sont des gens actifs qui maintiennent  une vie créative pour garder le cerveau agile.

So follow our example, keep track of your marbles but let a few spill to entice you into new ventures of mental agility. Treat yourself, if you dare, to the purchase of a piece of original art by a local artist. It could be the investment of your life!

Thank you to the City of Cote St Luc for this marvellous opportunity . The Library is on Cavendish Blvd, across from the Cavendish Mall. Our works will be up until Sunday evening.

Offrez-vous ce bijou cette semaine! ‘Keep Your Marbles/ Billes en Bouteille’ est une production originale de Noëlla Shorgan.


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