This Sunday, April 17th from 1-4-:30 the St Patrick Square art group will be presenting this year’s works at 6767 Cote St Luc Road ( King Edward entrance). I am eagerly awaiting YOUR arrival and feedback. This is my fifth show, and the excitement is always the same. Success is not measured in sales only!

Cette  aquarelle, Ibis, est une de sept que je vous propose au vernissage du Groupe d’art St Patrick. J’espère que vous allez aimer la variété de me sujets, les couleurs, mais surtout les émotions diverses. J’ai déjà eu à changer certains car ils sont vendus. Je vous encourage à venir tôt!

The great news is that I am not alone presenting watercolour creations. We are 15 watercolourists in the St Patrick’s Art Group with over 65 different framed works for your perusal or purchase. With the terrific forecast of sun and warmth, we expect a record-breaking crowd. Also our display of another 34 watercolours is on-going  atthe Cote St Luc library. Make it a 2 for 1 day for art! See you Sunday!

(As always, click on the title to see the photo!)

Au plaisir de vous accueillir en grand nombre!


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