End of Session/Fin des Classes d’aquarelle


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Tuesday mornings will no longer feature pigments, water, Arches paper and 15 talented artists of the St Patrick’s Art Group. Yes, another year of learning and creativity have come to an end. But with that comes the good news- Sunday, April 17th will be our annual show and sale at 6767 Cote St Luc Rd. Do try to drop in to see our progress this year and maybe purchase an original watercolour as a gift for yourself or a wedding!

Nous avons traité une variété de sujets cette année grâce à nos prof avec leurs différents styles.Venez voir nos meilleures œuvres de 2015-2016 au Carré St Patrick. Votre présence, intérêt et commentaires nous sont importants.

This is my interpretation of Luigi Tiengo’s demo last week. This is an artist I greatly appreciate and admire. His 70 years experience translate in a mesmerizing flow…

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