Timing- Le bon moment: December 2013, Arrival of FELIX

As a follow up, December 2013 was the right time. FELIX! A happy indoor male, is now 18 lbs and looking forward to chatting with the Blue Jays in PEI this summer! Il EST très musicale!


I admit it, I am a cat person. I have lived with five. This year I have made huge strides getting to appreciate my grand-dog and other canines. But I warm up to felines more naturally.

Two years ago I lost my cat, Boots. She was an abandoned stray who had adopted me. The right time to replace her never seemed to present itself. I had my independence to enjoy and friends with allergies to host. With retirement and the new freedom and options, I had a new list of excuses.

While I took my time, I even considered dog ownership. After all, imagine the opportunity for exercise that a dog might afford! That was until the cold snap of -30 that lasted several days handed me a reality check. Fitness is important but not under arctic conditions.

Je préfère les chats. Et en le disant je me limite peut-être…

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