Roots for Peace/Racines de paix

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This cemetery marker concretely speaks of my family’s arrival in PEI in 1790. My ancestor, a brother of the first MacCormack, arrived the next year in 1791. His descendants  continue to live in Launching. Now, by PEI standards I am ‘from away’ and only ‘seasonal’ (5 months of the year). But no one can not remove my deep love of the land, the sea, the night skies and the people. I am happy to be an Islander By Choice (IBC) with a 225 year history and connection to PEI.

En ville, on ne nous reproche pas d’être une immigrante, nouvellement arrivée.(Cependant, ça peut soliciter des commentaires)  À Montréal, la population est diversifiée. Parfois on sépare les gens en pur laine et en tricoté d’un autre tissu. Mais, le plus souvent, on essaye de trouver les points rassembleurs et d’exploiter les dons de chacun.

Disregarding people, dividing them along artificial lines, or holding certain individuals in disdain does not uplift the community. With examples in the global village of labeling by religious affiliation, ethnic background or political ideology, surely we can see where hatred can lead to violence and destruction of more than the targeted group. Beginning a protest political movement, almost as a farce, has been seen to destroy the reputation of an entire nation.

Quoiqu’il y ait peu que je peux faire sur la scène globale, dans mon quartier et dans mon coin de pays, je peux tenter d’éliminer la haine et les préjugés. C’est aussi facile que de regarder pour les aspects positifs. Un autre outil est de mentioner et d’indiquer Les paroles et les attitudes non-inclusives. Souvent les gens répètent ce qu’ils entendent sans se rendre compte de la douleur que ça peut occasioner.

No one is obliged to be a peacemaker. My ancestors in the Launching (St Michael’s) graveyard are now silent. But they had no option but to work  collaboratively with the others. What choice did they have with only 13 original settler families and the harsh elements, the dense forest and the unforgiving sea? Perhaps we should consider what our challenging elements, forest and sea might be- global warming, encroachment on agricultural lands and forests, sea level rising? Or exclusion and protectionism? Insular attititudes that fail to look outward veil is from reality. To tackle these issues and so many others would be better served by an engaged population working together for the common GOOD.



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