Thursday Thoughts/ Pensées du jeudi

Quite frankly I managed to write an almost profound post, only to have it delegated by some glitch in the system. Tonight the issue of the unexpected could be the thought of the day. Learning today that a charming, politically active grandmother, mother and devoted wife has died has been upsetting and unsettling.

Jane Dumphy avait assez d’énergie pour deux. Elle a épousée les droits des femmes et la protection de l’environnement. Cette femme a grand cœur entrait au marché de Cardigan avec le grand sourire, saluant tous. Nous avons eu la chance de discuter de politique à chaque visite l’an dernier pendant la campagne électorale. Elle était passionnée.

I chose this watercolour to illustrate Jane Dumphy’s gentleness, which made a formidable force when harnessed to her passion and devotion to social justice. My only regret is that I don’t have one with more ORANGE as I am sure she would have preferred it!

Please click on the title if you can not see the image.


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