Terrible Twos. Deux dans un

Trois ans plus tard, à 5 ans, elle nous aime autant. Elle demeure jeune comparé à son frère, César, qui est si mature.!Who would imagine that my two gentle giants would lead me to appreciate and love dogs! Proof positive that change is always possible to those willing to let go of fear and prejudice.


I  confess that I have fallen in love…unexpectedly and without trying. I have fallen in love without solicitation nor effort on my part. There she was suddenly bounding into my life with her dark brown eyes and sandy skin. Actually, it has been going on for a while now. I never imagined it could be so! How she has won me over! Her lovely gentle personality has seduced me.

Je me confesse. Je suis tombée en amour. Je n’ai rien fait pour l’attirer. Je ne lui ai jamais reçu à manger, ni offert du vin. Je ne lui ai jamais fait rire, mais elle semble bien m’aimer quand même. C’est sûr qu’elle préfére ses parents. Elle est encore jeune.

She is a gentle giant. Babyhood is in the past. A bit of the mischievousness still is evident as she celebrated her 2nd birthday with us yesterday. She dashed around the…

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