Thursday Thoughts (T.T.)/ Quelques Pensées du jeudi

Where do you go for that special cup of coffee or tea? Do you have a favourite chair or café or cosy spot? This watercolour of a dilapidated house in Newport, PEI, would not normally figure in your response.
Cette structure s’empire avec chaque année. Abandonné et laissé aux extrêmes de température, le toit va un jour s’effondre. Elle avait connu les pleurs de bébés, les rires d’enfants, la musique de familles et les histoires des ainés. Maintenant le silence règne.
My father asked why I had painted a caricature of a home. And in a way that does accurately describe the building. It no longer serves to shelter, to protect, to unite a family in joy, glee, song nor grief. It stands alone, leaning and gradually caving in. It holds its secrets of time past but no longer can the stories be heard. And yet it appeals to me, cries out for consideration. I painted it to capture it as it was in August 2015.
Ce foyer, cet abri a perdu sa fonction. Âgée et abandonnée, cette maison semble parler de nos aînées qu’on met de côté, de qui on s’entend de rien de plus. On reconnaît parfois une forme humaine, mais peut être pas un être humain.
Transformation, new purpose would uplift that old home. Perhaps it could become a quaint tea house or coffee shop decorated with art and local crafts, encircled with gardens. It would take effort, capital investment and heart-felt involvement. How would some of that impact our seniors in long-term homes? Who needs new purpose more- the ‘abandoned’ former patriarch or the harried, overwhelmed former caregiver? It was a trick question….both.


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