Thursday Thoughts/ Pensées d’un jeudi Under Our Noses

Under My Nose/ En Face
He almost flew right into me.
I tracked him down to a tree nearby.
Stabilizing with one foot on either side of a branch, he rat-a-tat-tatted to tear off the bark.
He bobbed and weaved along its length discarding cellulose as he went. (The insects he kept for himself.)
Observing the antics of a downy woodpecker on a busy city street for over 10 minutes was a delightful first.
Sometimes we need to be hit in the head to enjoy a treat of nature.

Sont rares les marches avec de l’action d’oiseaux à Montréal en février.
Encore moins attendu sur un chemin plein d’autos à l’heure de pointe.
Mais cet oiseau les ignoraient, car il avait son travail à faire.
Sans doute les branches ce matin étaient givrées, mais avec la chaleur de +4, tout est fondu.
Avec l’écorce ramollie, les insectes étaient à sa portée.

Unfortunately, I did not have my camera, but found a photo online today to share with you. Some people are observant by nature. Some can pick out wildlife as they driving. I am the type who needs to be hit in the eye! What about you, my readers, how much do you see?


6 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts/ Pensées d’un jeudi Under Our Noses

  1. kiwinana

    When it comes to nature I don’t miss much, but as for humans, I don’t seem to see then until they tap me on the shoulder. Strange, but I do try not to stare at people and I miss seeing them.
    You made a great point, though, it made me stop and think about it.

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