Fight after a Frantic Friday/ L’Entraînement Continue

Ryan Parsons works non-stop and trains seriously. He is driven by excellence. He feeds his body as if it were a shrine. He is ready.
Ce samedi, 13 février, il y aura plusieurs combats au Club Soda. Ne manquez pas celui de Ryan vers 21h30!

He is vying for the light heavyweight champion belt of the World Kickboxing Federation. How long has he been preparing? Since the minute he began martial arts, he replies. His tool chest contains a black belt from Kung Fu, years of instruction and practice of Muay Thai, boxing lessons with a Montreal great, physiotherapy, osteopathy, (yes, and even chiropractic) and endless hours of teaching young and not so young in these disciplines. All of this couched in the love of Laurraine and the doggies.
Mais je ne vous apprends peu. Étiez-vous au courant de son entraînement unique à IPÉ–le combat avec les pinces d’homard? Se garder en forme, pour Ryan, est un travail continuelle où le plaisir trouve la bienvenue!
Have a terrific fight, Ryan, show all your technical mastery, your strength and your agility. Your corner will be crowded with your loving fans. You make a mom proud!
Click on the title if no picture appears)
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