Thursday Thoughts 3/pensées du jeudi

Thursday Thoughts:
Winter Storm watches sometimes, if not always, ought to be heeded. Tuesday I had an opportunity to get away to the country by myself overnight. The stillness, the white snow and fresh air were invigorating.
Mon feu de foyer après ma marche de 2 heures etait accueillant. Les étoiles remplissaient le ciel. Pourquoi partir?
The night was calm, giving the dire forecast a hint of fallacy. Alas, the morning revealed several inches of new snow before the 4 hours of freezing rain started.

Yes, taking the winter storm prediction seriously would have entailed a night time departure. But I would have missed the shovelling, the fight with the car to navigate the icy driveway ( I lost) and most of all, the 20km ride in the platform tow truck to the salted highway!


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