Le Café de Mardi/Tuesday Chatter 2

January draws to a close and ‘Blogging 101’ is over. The days are getting longer but it is still dark from lack of snow. Time to shake things up. When Mother Nature dishes Canada a gentle winter, it is time to capitalize. A road trip normally reserved for the summer comes to mind.

On n’a pas eu à subir 80+cm lors de la dernière tempête comme à Washington, nos routes sont bonnes, les températures près de 0. Étant à la retraite, rien ne nous retient de tenter un voyage en auto de 1300km aller, ou 1600mi aller/retour.

The lure of fresh air and star-strewn stars of PEI is impossible to ignore this winter- a change and a challenge and something to chatter about later in the year. Will the bald-headed eagles be out? Are the bays still open? Have tidal surges eaten away at cliffs? How the peace and quiet will renew us! Yoga with my daughter-in-law in front of a roaring fire smacks of ideal! Wish us luck, we will be travelling with a cat and 2 Great Danes. Pictures and watercolour to follow!


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