Do you know what a Blavatar is? I just learned tonight!  It is a blog identifier, combining   the words atavar with blog. Blogging 101 asked to extend our brand tonight and add a site picture (or several other options). This gives me the opportunity to present the image you will see associated with my blog. It is a partial view of a watercolour I did, plein air, several summers ago. It is the beach beside the Launching Harbour in PEI. Now the view is significantly changed. Winter erosion and tidal surges without ice in the bay have caused erosion of the point.  (PLEASE NOTE: often to see the pictures posted, you need to click on the title of the blog)

Cette photo sera l’identificateur de mon blog dorénavant. Je vous présente la plage près du quai de Launching, IPE. C’est un endroit de quietude, de paix où la mer est presque toujours calme…et peu profonde. J’ai fait cette aquarelle il y a 3-4 ans et je l’utilise sur ma carte d’affaire.

Because of the significance of this spot in my life and its beauty, I use this sheltered bay  as my business card photo. The original watercolour was sold at the Cardigan Farmers` Market 3 years ago. Was it wise to sell the original? Would you have let it go? It was purchased by a tourist heading to Ohio, as a memento of a first visit to Canada’s smallest province. I thought it was great PR.  And now, you know the story of my Blavatar!

Parfois on devient attaché à nos créations. De les donner, les vendre, les laisser à d’autres est difficile. Comme on peut avoir peur de s’afficher. Alors ce soir je me lance avec le Blavatar et cette histoire personnelle.


2 thoughts on “Blavatars

  1. sallie wolf

    I’m enjoying the peaks at your watercolors and photography. I wish you were alternating Italian and English since I am trying to teach myself Italian. I envy people who are fluent in more than one language. This is a great way to stay sharp.

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