Open Learning/Ouvert à l’apprentissage


Response to Prompt:Learning Style

What’s your learning style? Do you prefer learning in a group and in an interactive setting? Or one-on-one? Do you retain information best through lectures, or visuals, or simply by reading books?

Resistance to modify how I attempt to learn has been an on-going challenge. Call it lack of confidence in other members of a group, easy distractibility in noisy environments, overstimulation by TV and certain music in the background—all of these have served as justification for isolating myself in order to quickly absorb material.

Mais, quand j’ai eu à travailler en équipe pour le travail, j’ai appris que, parfois, les efforts d’un groupe sont supérieurs à ceux qu’une personne ne peut amener. En plus, chaque personne amène son expérience variée, ses connaissances et sa culture et ses valeurs. Pour aider à formuler des objectifs de thérapie ce sont des atouts, mais est-ce c’est nécessairement la meilleur façon quand on a à apprendre?

Different types of learning can be better suited for different approaches. How trite! Yes, repetition of scales and of musical passages on the piano (or any instrument, I suppose) leads to eventual fluidity and mastery. It is a solo project. Practicing sports to achieve excellence can combine the athlete, the trainer and healer (physiotherapist etc) all coordinating to optimise the performance of one or several runners, skiers, or swimmers etc. What each member of the team learns must be different, because of their roles.

Mais surtout, je crois, les apprentissages sont liées à l’individu. Les styles d’apprentissages sont une fonction de la personnalité, des aptitudes de l’élève, de son statut socio-économique pour en nommer que quelques-uns. Alors mon optique est personnelle.

My style of learning varies according to the task at hand. Continuing education maintains brain agility. Keeping open to new avenues is stimulating.  The exploration and production of watercolours has been a unique experience. There were different stages. Initially, imitation was the calling card. It was a frustrating time because there was a paradigm of exactly producing the model. To take all aspects into consideration at once was overwhelming and, frankly, a sure set-up for failure. I persisted. And now, as I paint, I could not sort out the threads of influence of my many instructors, my observation of nature and my freedom to let go and just try something new. My painting emanates from a core of emotion and sometimes spreads out onto my paper without my knowing it. Freedom to grow, to learn can come from repetition, trial and error, inspiration, and observation. The spark of passion is the mysterious ingredient in the ever evolving learning process of art.

Et pour vous, chers lecteurs, quel rôle laissez-vous à la passion pour vous exprimer, surtout lors de la production de l’art?


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