The Boss / Le Patron

This did not post correctly. Essayons de nouveau!j


There are few original remarks that can be made about cats and those who love them. I enjoyed SwittersB blog Penny the Cat zonked… and I decided to share some antics of my cat. I will need to compose under a time restraint this evening. You see, FÉLIX, my cat, can tell the time. Supper is to be served at 9:00. He has been going through the usual routine to inform me that time is getting short

Ce soir, j’aimerai partager comment un jeune de 3 ans est le patron chez moi. FÉLIX, mon chat, exprime ses besoins clairement et ne me laisse pas la chance de l’ignorer. Il est déjà monté sur l’armoire pour rejoindre la pastelle de mon père faite en 1935 . Après quelques coups, le tableau est à angle, mais heureusement pas parterre.

He calmed down from swinging the art and jumped to the counter, in…

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