Qui est le lecteur?/Know your audience

My summers are spent as arts and crafts coordinator at the Cardigan Farmers’ Market in PEI. Over the years we have increased the number of artisans and the variety of product available for sale. Two years ago, I decided that sand pails would be a useful item for tourists with young children arriving at our beach-filled island.

Afin d’avoir une variété d’items au marché de Cardigan, certains sont plus chers et d’autres à la portée des enfants. Si on désire construire des fortresses de sable, une chaudière est essentielle!

To get some value from the sand pails, I painted a quick rendition of the Old Train Station which houses our Farmers’ market. I envisioned these pails flying off the counters and landing at several beaches. They would provide advertisement for our small cooperative.

Hélas, personne ne les a achetés! On en a donné aux enfants à la fin de cette année.

In my blogs, I target people who might be interested in an aspiring artist, those interested in global issues, in the environment, in change or someone who can be hooked by the beauty of nature as captured by a photo. In the end, what I write is what I think people would be interested in. Perhaps, dear reader, I am way off track.

Ce  qui me sera aidant est de savoir pourquoi vous n’avez pas aimé mon blog, quels éléments vous parlaient le plus. J’aimerais entendre vos commentaires sur mes aquarelles.

To break my rule of not repeating in the second language: would you consider providing me with feedback , criticism of the writing and of my art, suggestions for future blogs? Tonight’s assignment for Blogging 101 was to step out of the usual style and write to the audience. I posted a picture I would never have used and it illustrated well the frustration of writing in a void, trying to second guess my audience. Sometimes I must be way off the mark, because no one registers a like. Sometimes blogs which seem uninspired generate a lot of activity.

Les blogs sont encore mystérieux. Merci de m’avoir lu ce soir. À demain, mes amis!







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