Reaching out/ Bonsoir mes voisins

This third assignment was eye-opening! There are so many blogs out there! What a vast array of topics and approaches! It is humbling to see people with thousands of followers. I was so excited when I hit 20!

Ce soir le devoir était de lire d’autres blogs et d’accepter à le faire regulièrement. J’en ai choisi 5. Je m’attend à une varieté de lecture et de photos.

The list of the new blogs that I am following includes photography, watercolours and discussions on a range of topics. I will look forward to receiving your little gems. (Carolee S Clark, Light Touch, Lees Birdwatching Adventures,, eMores, and not at home)


6 thoughts on “Reaching out/ Bonsoir mes voisins

  1. amanpan

    Thank you for the follow and I am following you, as well. There are a lot of talented writers and a variety of interests. I am sure you will enjoy this as much as we will enjoy you. Being able to write in 2 languages is to your advantage.

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