Tonight let us consider tipping. No, I am not referring to a gratuity. Currently our globe is tipping to its maximum. In the Northern Hemisphere we are soon to tip to the shortest day of the year, while in the South they are soon reverting to shorter days.
Avec ces changements annuels, on se prépare à fêter, à augmenter la luminosité avec des lumières décoratives et à se rechauffer le coeur avec des retrouvailles en famille ou entre amis. Mais pour plusieurs cet esprit de joie est diminué par des manques. Le manque d’emploi adéquat, l’absence de nourriture, l’absence d’autrui ou la diminution physique et cognitive  de l’âge mur   augmentent la tristesse de vie.
Not only is the Earth tipping on its axis, but the world is also on the brink of significant climate change, should we chose to believe the best minds and scientists. The impact of sea level rises will wash entire neighbourhoods, islands and island states into soggy desolation. People will increasingly lose their homes, lands, and livelihoods. They will be compelled to move, and if they have sufficient energy, they will request (no, demand) compensation.
Notre monde est dans une situation précaire où les extrêmes de climat auront un impact sur nos sœurs et frères qui seront assujets à  des inondations et la désertification. Si nous sommes épargnées de la situation aigue, nous serions touchés. Les implications économiques, politiques toucheront tous.
How do we react? How do we change? how do we use resources? how d0 we consume products? how quickly do we cast aspersions and judgments? Our responses may have a direct impact on not only our grandchildren, but on those now sharing our planet.
Mon aquarelle, ‘les refugiées’, est d’une jeune famille, sur la route avec qu’un âne. Ce sont des gens qui voyagent simplement. L’avenir est précaire, ils n’auront peut être pas d’abri cette nuit. On ne peut pas aider des milliers, mais peut être une petite famille.
Our actions can tip the scales for those fleeing instability, political persecution, financial disaster, famine and conflict. There is no excuse to saying what can I do? In looking at this watercolour that I named ‘Refugees’, may you begin to ask what if I were her or him? Would some spare food or clothing be helpful? How could I protect them? Could I oversee their welcome? We cannot tackle the needs of millions of migrants. Perhaps a small family would not be that onerous. Can we be touched to tip things for the better?


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