Stunned into Silence/Le silence enporte

I had prepared a blog about artistry and creativity for tonight. The events of violence this week have muffled the words. I can only say it seems trivial in the face of such sorrow and suffering.

La peine des libanais et des français, leurs pertes et souffrances m’empêchent d’offrir le blog préparé.  Cette situation est triste pour toutes les parties.

Independent of who is responsible or which side holds the truth, parents and children will be split asunder forever by the events of this week. How sad that we can’t be peace makers, can’t respect human dignity and can’t chose to live in harmony!

Le conflict et l’aggression n’ont jamais porté fruit. Quand allons-nous chercher une autre façon d’agir?

Pacifism requires bravery, untested by most.


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