Watercolour Symposium/ Symposium d’aquarelle

Novel experiences create opportunities for learning, especially when they are well-structured and well-executed, like the recent watercolour symposium at Cornwallis, NS, put on by the Canadian Society of Painters of Water Colours (CSPWC). It is impossible to single out the principle factor of success. The setting was scenic, the food was amazing, the people were warm and sociable—- the teacher/instructors were accomplished. The perfect combination for improving one’s art productions!

Seulement le soleil se faisait rare. Les jours de peinture en plein air ont du être limités . Mais l’adaptation au curriculum s’est fait rapidement . Personne ne se plaignait, pendant les 5 jours. Les jours était remplis d’instruction de 9 à 16h avec des activités tous les soirs sauf le  mercredi. La bouffe, les pauses-santé, les interactions entre participants et l’instruction étaient excellentes. Une chance on avaient de bons lits, car on avait besoin de sommeil après tout le travail.

Going in, there was apprehension that my skill level would be too low. Not so! Everyone progressed from where they were. I left feeling surer of my mastery of water, pigment, brush and composition. Planning also enhances final outcomes on paper. I pledge to ALWAYS do a value sketch first…some of them turned out worthy of framing in themselves!



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