It has been an incredible 3 days of record breaking heat (27C) and warm waters for swimming. The dry spell has been the perfect time to gather the straw in the barley field and to begin preparing the flower bed for the fall and winter.

Afin de protéger les vivaces, plusieurs utiliseront des produits achetés au centre de jardinage. Ici à l’île, Mère Nature nous fournit! Je suis descendu hier pour remplir 3 énormes sacs de zostères marines. À la marée basse, il y en avait beaucoup- ça m’a pris 10 minutes pour avoir 3 sacs pleins.

The sea washes up supplies of all sorts in its daily rising and falling of the tide. There was a bountiful supply of eelgrass this week. It took scarcely 10 mins to gather the dry eelgrass. Spreading it around my plants took a bit longer but hardly put a dent into what was a fabulous ‘Beach Day’.




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