Moody Montague Mélancolique


This watercolour, painted in Montague, PEI this August, was titled Moody Montague very  quickly. It was to be a more abstract rendering than this final product. It speaks of moods and preferences, nonetheless. The eye can be captured by the sea or the sky or the boats or the house. It can drift back and forth as if moved by a gentle wind. It can gaze intently on the reflections. Or it can merely be enjoyed.

Au mois d’août avec ses canicules, l’esprit prend congé et dandine en vacances. Cette aquarelle rend une interprétation de la marina de Montague. Dans le but de minimiser le stress visuel, j’ai choisi de peindre que 2 bateaux et une maison. La chaleur écrasante de la journée se mariait plus avec la détente et la simplicité. Mais un ton de mélancolie semble s’insérer. Est-ce l’avenir de septembre et l’intégration à l’école et la vie routinière?

The moody substrate may reflect the imminent end of summer vacations with the upcoming return to the regular business of everyday life. There comes a time when one must leave the boats and water behind and head back to our nitty-gritty existence. Some will wait longer and have Mother Nature tear them away, with cold, ice and snow. But today we enjoy the sea and summer, acknowledging how privileged we are to share in the beauty of this corner of our planet.



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