Weather buster

IMG_1258  IMG_1262

When the day looks miserable and the nearest neighbour is 5 km away, it is a good thing to have something to do pass the time in PEI. Of course one could go for a walk in the red mud, but that did not strike my fancy today.

Fortunately for me painting watercolours fills the bill. As a contrast to the heavy downpours, a photo of a few flowers basking in the sun got my attention. In addition to passing hours I almost ignored the sound of the pounding on my metal roof.

Quand le temps est mauvais, c’est le temps de s’amuser à l’intérieur du chalet. Le résultat de mes heures d’aquarelle me plaît, mais surtout j’ai passé un après-midi agréable dans le

Creating can brighten a blustery day!IMG_1259 (2)


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