Water’s wealth

winter 007

The problem with NAFTA’s Chapter 11 is that it allows water to be regarded simply as a good or product that can be   sold or traded between countries. If a country stops its export, the company proposing the commercial use could sue for compensation.    (from CBC News)

And now we owe billions to the US company. Who enacted NAFTA, who signed for Canada? Which party considers water a good or product to be given away?  These are major concerns that must be at the core of political discussion during this year’s election.

Je ne peux pas croire ni accepter qu’un parti politique féderale aura pu nous vendre ainsi que nos ressources naturelles. Pour moi, l’eau et l’environnement sont aux Coeur de mon pays et font parti des valeurs à defendre lors des éléctions en octobre,

Qu’en pensez-vous? L’eau est un bien de notre terre, pas une commodité à vendre ni éxploîter.Suis-je encore top naïve? peut-être. . .Que ça soit nos lacs, nos rivières ou nos tempêtes de neige, l’eau fraîche est un bien essential.

The salinization of the world’s waters is a concern. But the vastness of the seas and the fury of their storms only serve to highlight the enormity of the challenge we  are facing with climate change. Their beauty ring out why nature is to be safeguarded.




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