Thanks Bill


There was a time in June when people were talking about how dry it was….almost fearing a drought. The scepter of the West Coast forest fires started to gain local interest. A small grass fire engulfed an abandoned structure and burnt to the timber line.

And then came Bill.

There was a young couple, dedicated to the cause of fitness and access to sports for the economically disadvantaged. They worked tirelessly for months, including hosting a fund-raising gala dinner with their people. It was a success, but they headed out by car with 2 Great Danes for the annual boot camp, proceeded by their one-day of vacation, completely exhausted. Their ETA was Monday 2 am.

And then came Bill.

There was a festival of Small Halls in PEI, using 42 venues. It featured music, both local and international. Sunday was BANJOS AND FIDDLES. The hall was packed, the crowd was enthusiastic, and the musicians were appreciative.

And then came Bill.

Bill washed the Island with some 55mm of rain, alternating heavy rain with very hard pounding rain. Today no one in PEI was talking about forest fires.

Bill challenged the driving of 1300km + in one shot after a sleep deprived month. A flat tire at 1:30 am in the middle of the downpour settled the score. A dry motel with sleep- inducing rain harboured our travellers and soothed Mom’s anxiety.

Bill danced and clapped to the rhythms of the night. His antics were mostly ignored by the crowd. That is until the doors opened at the exit to reveal the curtain of driving precipitation

Thanks Bill. The island will have enough moisture to support a few weeks growth of fields and crops. Thanks Bill. APEX martial arts will have rested leaders. Thanks Bill. In spite of trying, you did NOTHING to diminish the wonderful music that still plays in our ears.

One never knows what fits the Bill….what havoc, what prevention, what remediation!


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