Detente/Lazy Pre-summer Evening


On réussit à rester tranquille, on se donne le temps d’observer les changements des couleurs, à écouter les oiseux se préparer pour la nuit, à entendre les vagues parce que le coucher du soleil nous captive.

This time of the year offers beauty to observe nature and the time to be still. It brings consideration of our planet to the forefront. As we exploit the lengthening days, we can consider the weather patterns, the intensity of storms and a myriad of other indicators of climate change. We can take the time to consider our role and how we can decrease our footprint.

Certes, il y en a qui ont beaucoup étudié les changements de climat. Plusieurs ont leurs idées arrêtées. Je n’ai pas encore épuisé la question. Les mots du pape François vont ajoutés à mes réflexions….allez-vous lire Laudato Si?

Gazing on the peaceful sunset, I am grateful for all the advantages I enjoy. I wonder about those in the Pacific Islands as the sea level rises. I wonder what I might have done differently today to be part of the solution. I welcome Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si, for him adding his voice to those concerned about Mother Earth and our abuse of her. Will you be reading it one relaxing summer evening?


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