Inconsistency/ C’est ce que c’est

Forgive me. This will be a rant and I will not give you the background. This picture was taken May 21 in PEI. Note there are no leaves on the trees. Some might complain, especially hearing about the possibility of snow tomorrow. Some might evaluate the picture as being unfinished or incomplete because the clouds are wispy or that there are technical errors because of the balance of  the image.

Je dis: tant pis. Ce que la nature nous offrr n’a pas besoin de critique. Et lorsqu’on soumet notre art à un jury, on s’attend à entendre quelques phrases positives avant de se faire écrasser. Alors je CRIS ce soir que la nature est comme elle est- bien dans sa peau et de toute beauté dans toutes ces manifestatations. Et je travaille à m’améliorer dans toutes les spheres artistiques que j’entreprends. Ma carapace va se durcir.

Yes my shell will become as hard as a pre-molted lobster protection. It takes a while to accept the obvious that some people prefer to boost themselves by putting others down. Judgment is the Lord’s….I will choose to forgive and avoid. Lobsters might stay wide of traps with that attitude.

Lovingly composed in Launching, PEI.



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