Medium Infatuation

I have come under the influence of a medium. No, I have fallen in love with a medium. Perhaps it was in the cards – a fortunate interplay of genetics and environment. Perhaps there was optimal alignment of stars, planets, moons and time. I was vulnerable. I was searching for a new adventure in retirement.

Et voilà, je me suis trouvée démunie devant l’inconnu qui a su me captiver. Je me suis laissée fondre. Je coule sous cette nouvelle passion. J’ai perdu la notion du temps. J’étais poussée à mieux performer chaque fois afin de plaire.

As I increasingly fell for his charms, time became suspended and priorities ceded. Pleasure became my guide. Avoiding a passionate encounter for more than a day or two left me out of sorts.

Maintenant je dois avouer que cette nouvelle relation est devenue essentielle à mon bien-être. Mais je ne suis pas celle qui prétend devenir le futur. Je souhaite que ça puisse se poursuivre jusqu’à fin de mes jours.

I have no crystal ball, but I birthed a crystal bowl of onions, garlic and mushrooms. I also had flowers emerge from a vase of frozen water. This process of submission to the creative process has been in germination for years, with courses and practices. Amazingly, people have bought my works. But this is not the most important motivator.

Voyez-vous, je suis complètement sous l’influence de mon amour. Les effets positifs sur ma santé s’ajoute aux bénéfices de trouver cette façon exigeante de m’exprimer. Cette découverte a pu se concrétiser depuis ma retraite.

My medium and I are now intertwined. Images caress my retinae to be stored in my optic memory awaiting modification by limbic emotional systems, past memories of sights and colours (sometimes even with perspective!) and operant motor systems to magically transform water with pigment into a new creation. After that description, how can you not rush to begin an affair of the heart with my love, watercolour? Mediums thrive when shared!!

IMG_5863 (3)              IMG_5585


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